Duly Lee

Master of Design Studies
Real Estate and the Built Environment ‘18

Duly is responsible for spearheading the organization that founded the largest free festival platform in Latin America, called Festival Abierto, a social responsibility campaign produced under the auspicies of the Office of First Lady of Panama along with key players from the private and public sectors setting a benchmark in innovative cultural events.

An architect, artist and entrepreneur, he is owner of a solar energy company, an ashtanga yoga shala and vegan restaurant, as well as a digital fabrication shop in Panama - pioneering emerging global trends in design, health and renewable energy. 

His passion in eco-tourism as well as land and community preservation brings him to study at Harvard and looks forward to contribute new innovative development and financial models that promote the triple bottom line. 

He is up for any adventure that has positive impact in the world and constantly searching for the next tribe to collaborate with.